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If your language is not listed on Niconico, please don’t contact me! I’m just a huge Sailor Moon fan closely following news and the SMC staff on twitter/FB. I’m here to help share news with you as quickly as I can. I don’t work for these companies. If you want to see your language, feel free to contact the big people on top!

I also wanted to note that Hulu/Neon Alley, Crunchyroll, and Niconico are all LEGAL STREAMING sites. So you can watch Sailor Moon Crystal for FREE and LEGALLY. By supporting official, legal simulcasts of Sailor Moon Crystal, you are supporting the show and the staff. If there’s enough popularity, we may see a second season down the road! Sailor Moon Crystal will be following the first arc of the manga (as stated on the official Sailor Moon website) which involves Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom. So if you want to possibly see Chibiusa and the outers down the road, please show your support and watch legally for free!!

For more information on streaming via Niconico, please view my old post here.

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Season 1

Episode 0 - The Lost Episode

Episode 1 - Divide And Conquer (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 2 - Sisters (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 3 - Final Exam (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 4 - Forces Of Nature (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 5 - The Sum Of His Parts (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 6 - Nevermore (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 7 - Switched (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 8 - Deep Six (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 9 - Masks (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 10 - Mad Mod (Part 1) (Part 2)

Episode 11 - Car Trouble

Episode 12 - Apprentice: Part 1

Episode 13 - Apprentice: Part 2

Season 2

Episode 1 - How Long Is Forever?

Episode 2 - Every Dog Has His Day

Episode 3 - Terra

Episode 4 - Only Human

Episode 5 - Fear Itself

Episode 6 - Date With Destiny

Episode 7 - Transformation

Episode 8 - Titan Rising

Episode 9 - Winner Take All

Episode 10 - Betrayal

Episode 11 - Fractured

Episode 12 - Aftershock: Part 1

Episode 13 - Aftershock: Part 2

Season 3

Episode 1 - Deception

Episode 2 - X

Episode 3 - Betrothed

Episode 4 - Crash

Episode 5 - Haunted

Episode 6 - Spellbound

Episode 7 - Revolution

Episode 8 - Wavelength

Episode 9 - The Beast Within

Episode 10 - Can I Keep Him?

Episode 11 - Bunny Raven Or How To Make A Titananimal Disappear

Episode 12 - Titans East: Part 1

Episode 13 - Titans East: Part 2

Season 4

Episode 1 - Episode 257-494

Episode 2 - Cyborg The Barbarian

Episode 3 - Birthmark

Episode 4 - The Quest

Episode 5 - Employee Of The Month

Episode 6 - TROQ

Episode 7 - The Prophecy

Episode 8 - Stranded

Episode 9 - Overdrive

Episode 10 - Mother Mae-Eye

Episode 11 - The End: Part 1

Episode 12 - The End: Part 2

Episode 13 - The End: Part 3

Season 5

Episode 1 - Homecoming: Part 1

Episode 2 - Homecoming Part 2

Episode 3 - Trust

Episode 4 - For Real

Episode 5 - Snowblind

Episode 6 - Kole

Episode 7 - Hide & Seek

Episode 8 - Lightspeed

Episode 9 - Revved Up

Episode 10 - Go

Episode 11 - Calling All Titans

Episode 12 - Titans Together

Episode 13 - Things Change


Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo

He will not come as a rush of wings
or a torrential downpour.
He will not be vast or terrible
or cold and calm as a night without stars
ready to swallow you whole
and kiss you full of darkness.
He will be nothing you ever wrote poetry about.
You will have learned to lace yourself
into resolve by the time he meets you,
miles from violence.
You will come seeking a riot,
thirsty for a love like war,
but he will speak only the language of peace treaties,
and his touch will be a ceasefire,
creeping over your skin
like refugees across borders.
He will unravel all the cruelty from your tongue,
unpin the hemlock from your hair,
and you, dear girl, will let him.
He will start brewing kettles
and cleaning out closets in your heart,
and when he dusts the ash from your arsonist’s coat,
folds it up,
and stows it away on the highest shelf,
you will remember what sweetness
and light taste like,
and that will work wonders.
Ceasefire by S.T.Gibson (via sarahtaylorgibson)


The top 100 fashion infographics for women:

1. A visual glossary of Coats (for women)
2. A visual glossary of Skirt types
3. A Guide to Skirts
4. Neckline Types
5. Colors to wear based on Eye color
6. A cheat sheet to highlighting and contouring
7. A visual glossary of Puffy Sleeve types
8. A Visual Dictionary of Tops
9. How to choose the right bra type
10. The Ultimate Packing Guide for International Explorers
11. Lashings of Eye Liner ~ a visual glossary
12. A visual glossary of brassiere types
13. How to Line and Curl at the same time
14. Vintage ♥ : Layering in the Edwardian Era
15. DIY: Tie Dye Cheat Sheet
16. The right LBD for your body type
17. The ultimate dress shape vocabulary
18. How to choose the color that looks best on you
19. How to accessorize your neckline
20. How to wear a trench
21. Dressing like Nancy Drew
22. How to: Bang Braid
23. A cheat sheet to contouring
24. A visual guide to Bra types
25. How to: The waterfall braid
26. 50 classics for your closet
27. 50 Wardrobe Essentials
28. A Starter Guide to Dressing Up (Women’s Edition)
29. Encyclopedia of Women’s Shoes
30. 10 ways to wear black leggings
31. Colors for Spring 2014
32. Minimalist Wardrobe = 30 pieces
33. Scarf Knot Tutorial
34. Eye Makeup Brush Cheat Sheet
35. How to tie the Bowtie scarf knot
36. Super Cute Bun in 3 minutes
37. Which haircut suits your face shape
38. Hair length chart
39. Every Dress worn by Best Actress Academy Award winners
40. How to channelize your inner Grace Kelly
41. Best Dresses for Your Body Type
42. What colors look best on you
43. Lingerie: A Visual Glossary
44. A guide to hat types
45. The red lips tutorial
46. Makeup Brush Guide
47. How to contour your face
48. How to grow out your hair
49. DIY Studded Jeans
50. A visual glossary of collar types
51. Cannes’ dresses through the ages
52. Spring Color Combos
53. A visual history of the Prom Dress
54. Retro Hairdos
55. Types of Blazers
56. A visual glossary of vintage hats
57. A visual glossary of popular necklines
58. DIY Double Scarf
59. The best sports bra for your body type
60. Scarf knot: The Loose Cascade
61. A visual guide to Braid types
62. The braided Bohemian Up-do
63. The best swimsuits for your body type
64. A guide to necklaces for every neckline
65. How to choose the right sunglasses for your face
66. A visual glossary of basic hat types for women
67. Make-up brush tutorial ~ What brush to use
68. 50 Must-have Wardrobe Classics
69. How to wear a jean jacket
70. A visual glossary of underwear (for women)
71. Guide to applying blush for your face shape
72. How to dress for your body shape : Hourglass Shaped
73. How to draw the perfect cat eye… every time
74. Packing for Spring Break
75. Packing for Paris in a Carry-on Suitcase
76. Make-up Shelf Life
77. Bridal Party Attire ~ Women
78. White Eyeliner Tutorial
79. A Visual Glossary of Shoe Types
80. Early College Wardrobe Staples
81. Wedding Dress 101
82. A guide to Short Styles
83. Visual Shoe Dictionary
84. Dressing for the Kentucky Derby: Women’s Edition
85. A glossary of heels
86. Wardrobe Essentials for Women
87. How to choose necklaces that complement your necklines
88. A visual glossary of shoe heel types
89. Anatomy of A Wedding Gown
90. Dress and Jacket Types
91. How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots
92. A handy guide to understanding measurements when shopping online
93. Know your Harem Pants
94. Prom Special: Look your best
95. How to check if your bra fits right
96. Prom Planning Timeline
97. How to dress for your body shape: Oval Shaped
98. How to get the ‘New Girl’ look
99. Layering Necklaces 101
100. A capsule wardrobe for the minimalist

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